The beauty of happenstance

Nick Brandt – “Inherit the Dust”

Today I read the news that the International Union for Conservation of Nature passed a motion urging every country to close their legal markets for elephant ivory. Whilst non-biding this is a landmark agreement. The USA and China, the two largest markets, have already committed to ban ivory.

This uplifting news reminded me of Nick Brandt’s work and his mission to promote wildlife preservation in East Africa. In July I had the opportunity to visit Stockholm for a day. My flight back to New York had a 23hrs layover in Sweden. I planned my short visit; one of the places I visited was Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of photography. As I walked in my heart started pacing faster, I stood speechless in front of the work of Nick Brandt in the exposition “Inherit the Dust”.

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The man who photographed the face of the Cuban Revolution.

Alberto Korda – The photojournalist.

Documentary photographers provide a window to the world recording historic events and figures that had influence over the course of modern history. Sometimes their images travel through international media carrying a powerful message. However, the masses seldom know their author.  Alberto Korda, born in Havana, is the Cuban photographer behind the iconic photograph of Che Guevara “Guerrillero Heroico (Heroic Guerrilla Fighter)” the world famous Marxist revolutionary from Argentina. [1]

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